LetsGroop is your Community Marketplace that brings together buyers around a common interest (with no fees, no hidden costs). Together we form a community of buyers that carries weight in the negotiation, so ... Let's Groop and buy ! The more we are, the cheaper !

Social Buying

What is Social Buying ?

The principle is that buyers team up to benefit from the best purchasing conditions due to the volumes generated.
The benefit is obvious : get together to buy better, but also to sell better, because the supplier finds an interest too. By group selling, he minimises his distribution costs and can generate economies of scale.
The principle of mass ordering is common to Group Purchasing Organisations which have been successful for decades, especially in the mass retail industry (hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc.)
However, not all products are sold in retail stores and not all suppliers are referenced, hence the concept LetsGroop !

What is the goal of LetsGroop ?

The aim is to group consumers so that they benefit from group rates, wholesale prices, corporate rates or « fleet rates”, that they wouldn’t normally be entitled to when purchasing individually.
Thanks to LetsGroop and Internet, consumers can now team up (without knowing one another) to buy together, to get the best price, and to deal directly with manufacturers or importers. And this whatever the product or the service, within a safe framework.
To achieve it’s goal, LetsGroop organises online Sales events.

LetsGroop for whom ?

The access to LetsGroop website is FREE and open to all, more specifically to consumers who want to team up to purchase.
LetsGroop offers manufacturers the possibility to sell directly to the final consumer, whilst guaranteeing sufficient volumes and safe payment.
LetsGroop is also an excellent stepping stone for suppliers wishing to get more visibility or promote a product.

Where do the sale offers come from ?

The offers are made by suppliers (renowned corporations).
LetsGroop is a go-between that links suppliers and buyers.

Threshold price

How it works

The threshold price is closed with the first buyer, and the sales price is brought down in stages depending on the number of buyers.
At the end of the sale, EVERY BUYER BENEFITS FROM THE FINAL PRICE ACHIEVED by the group.

What happens when the sales levels are reached ?

Prices decrease, we only pay the price of the level reached at the closure of the deal.

What happens when the sales levels are not reached ?

If the sales levels are not reached, the offered price is applicable, there is no increase of the mass of orders, so the price does not diminish.

How can I suggest to my friends to buy with me ?

Easy! Use the link to that effect : « Share »

BuyersDiscountPriceillustration du prix degressif

Groop price

How it works

The Groop price sale requires a MINIMUM QUANTITY OF BUYERS TO VALIDATE THE OFFER at a fixed price.

What happens when a target is reached ?

When the offer reaches its target, the sale is concluded at the conditions displayed.

What happens when a target isn't reached ?

If the minimum of buyers is not reached, the deal is cancelled and we don't withdraw money from your credit card.

How can I suggest to my friends to buy with me ?

Easy! Use the link to that effect : « Share »

illustration du prix validéThe offer is validated

Wish List

What is a Wish List ?

Nothing is for sale in a wish list.
The aim is to team up with people who, like you, are looking for the same item or service and stimulate a supplier to make a competitive offer.

How can I enter, exit or create a wish list ?

Nothing could be simpler, you can join a Wish List without any obligation to purchase, and you can exit it just as easily.
You can also create a new wish list, without obligation of concluding a sale.
Express your wishes. That’s all.

What is the lifespan of a wish list ?

As opposed to an offer that has a time limit, the lifespan of a wish list is variable, depending on its popularity or its capacity to unite its Groopers.

abeilles de LetsgroopAlready 14 Groopers interested


Who delivers ?

There are 3 ways you can be delivered
- the transport cost is included in the LetsGroop offer. A shipper will deliver to you (ex: UPS, FedEx, or another certified LetsGroop shipper)
- the customer goes to the supplier (ex: for a car)
- the item can be downloaded or sent by email (ex: coupons, software, applications, movies) or by SMS.

When am I delivered? Who issues the invoice ?

The shipment terms and delivery terms are clearly indicated in each offer. They may differ from one offer to another. The invoice is issued by LetsGroop or one of its subsidiary. In any case, the guarantee is applicable, unless otherwise stipulated in the offer and approved by the buyer.

What happens if I don’t receive delivery ?

If you don’t receive your delivery, LetsGroop will enquire and will not send your money to the supplier! Either the supplier delivers and explains the delay, or LetsGroop reimburses you payment in full. In any case, YOUR PAYMENT IS SAFE !

What happens if the goods are damaged ?

If the item received is damaged, immediately contact the shipper and convey your concerns about the quality.
There are 2 options:
- the item was damaged before shipment and the supplier will replace it.
- the item was damaged during transport and the insurance will cover replacements costs (all shipments are insured). Don’t forget to convey your concerns to the shipper.

What happens if I return the item to the supplier ?

There are 3 reasons to return an item to a supplier :
- it is damaged and the supplier will replace it.
- the shipper damaged it and the insurance will reimburse you or will have it replaced.
- you changed your mind, you have the right to send back the item at your own cost within 14 days. The supplier will pay you back in full upon receipt of the returned item to his warehouse.

Customer Service

Customer service and supplier’s responsibility

The supplier is responsible for the quality of the item sold as well as customer service.

LetsGroop Responsibilities

LetsGroop signs a contract with the supplier who is responsible for the quality of goods sold and the delivery. The product and services on LetsGroop are guaranteed by the supplier who also offers customer support.


Who do I pay ? How ?

You pay LetsGroop which keeps your money until delivery. After delivery, LetsGroop transfers your money to the supplier. In case of failed delivery, LetsGroop will return your payment in full.

Can I cancel my purchase ?

As with any purchase, it is confirmed and due. However, you can return items at your own cost within 14 days (ref. European laws), except for items downloaded which could be copied. (example: software, movie, music).

When does the supplier receive my payment ?

The supplier gets your payment when you receive your delivery. In the meantime, your money stays with LetsGroop. When we have confirmation of the delivery, the money is transferred to the supplier.

What happens when I pay a reservation fee ?

If a sales price is high (ex. for a car), and possibly requires a loan, LetsGroop will ask you to pay a “reservation fee”. The balance will have to be paid at delivery (clearly indicated in the offer) .
Unlike a deposit which is refundable in case of withdrawal, a reservation fee is not reimbursed in case of withdrawal. It is however reimbursed if the supplier faults.

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