LetsGroop is your Community Marketplace that brings together buyers around a common interest (with no fees, no hidden costs). Together we form a community of buyers that carries weight in the negotiation, so ... Let's Groop and buy ! The more we are, the cheaper !


The principle is that buyers team up to benefit from the best purchasing conditions due to the volumes generated.
The benefit is obvious : get together to buy better, but also to sell better, because the supplier finds an interest too. By group selling, he minimises his distribution costs and can generate economies of scale.
The principle of mass ordering is common to Group Purchasing Organisations which have been successful for decades, especially in the mass retail industry (hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc.)
However, not all products are sold in retail stores and not all suppliers are referenced, hence the concept LetsGroop !


A grouped order occurs when several purchases for the same item are made.


- You wish to create a Groop ? It’s easy and it’s free ! The LetsGroop moderation team can approve your request the same day. You become the initiator of a Groop, and it doesn’t commit you to anything, except of course generating interest.
- You wish to join a Groop ? It’s easy and it’s free ! You click to show your interest. Up to you to deregister if you change your mind.
- You wish to buy in a Groop ? Don’t hesitate to ask questions on the online Forum before committing, then you just need to pay. If the target isn’t reached, LetsGroop pays you back in full. If the target is reached, LetsGroop waits for your payment approval within 10 days of delivery and pays the vendor in your name. Any service linked to the product guarantee is handled directly with the vendor, without contribution of LetsGroop, which acts only as a broker. The suppliers have previously signed with LetsGroop agreements to comply to distance selling laws.


LetsGroop offers a totally secure payment system for buyers. The buyers pay LetsGroop upon ordering. LetsGroop acts as a broker. LetsGroop will pay the vendor only when the buyer has received the goods, otherwise LetsGroop refunds the buyer in full. LetsGroop offers an undeniably safe transaction.
In case of payment by debit card, LetsGroop takes a print of your card but only debits it after delivery of goods. For all other types of payments, LetsGroop will refund you in full in case of non delivery.


There are 3 options
1) You receive your goods directly from the supplier, you are satisfied, you confirm to us within 10 days, and we pay the supplier. Without your confirmation within 10 days, we consider the transaction confirmed and we pay the supplier.
2) You receive your goods directly from the supplier, you are satisfied but the quality of the product or the delivery is inadequate. You send back the parcel to the supplier at his expense, who then sends you back a new one. LetsGroop will only pay the supplier when we have received your confirmation of a contractually conform delivery. Without your notice within 10 days, we consider the transaction confirmed and we pay the supplier.
3) You receive your goods directly from the seller, you’ve changed your mind: European law allows you to return the goods at your own cost within 14 days. LetsGroop doesn’t pay the supplier and reimburses you the purchase in full.


In accordance with European laws for distance selling, each vendor is bound to offer a guarantee and/or customer support. If it’s not the case, the vendor must clearly stipulate it in its offer. LetsGroop signs a charter of general sales terms with its suppliers who undertake to comply to laws governing distance selling.


LetsGroop connects buyers among each other, as well as it connects groups of buyers with sellers, all for free. The transactions are carried out directly between parties. LetsGroop facilitates transactions but is not responsible for the sale. Although LetsGroop collects payments, LetsGroop does not invoice the goods sold, nor is it responsible for customer support. LetsGroop acts as a broker. LetsGroop complies to the general terms that govern distance selling and complies to FEVAD’s charter (Fédération de la Vente à Distance).

Personal Information

In accordance with IT and freedom laws, you may, at any time, access, change, amend, or delete information regarding yourself. To exercise this right, you must simply go to your online account to execute the desired instruction or you may contact us for more information.

General rules

At any time, the moderation team reserves itself the right to create new rules or modify existing rules. However, the application of a new rule will never be retroactive.
The moderation team has full latitude to qualify messages and ensure application of its rules by removing, without prior warning or notice, all or part of certain messages, by excluding from forums, temporarily or definitively, those who violate them, blatantly, repeatedly or systematically.
The moderators’ decisions cannot be challenged publicly. By adhering to the charter, you undertake to respect their authority, as well as the rules of the charter.
Treat other members with respect. Do not use aggressiveness or excessive violence in the tone. One may criticise arguments, not the individuals!! If you encounter a problem with a member, do not start a futile discussion with him, but inform the moderator of the forum by private message. Do not submit redundant topics. If a topic exists on a subject of interest to you, use it rather than creating a new one. Do not saturate the forum with a multitude of simultaneous subjects (no "spam") or the repetition of identical or very similar messages (harassment). Respect the spirit of discussions; do not interfere with mocking messages or off subject messages with the aim to deviate the subject to sterile arguments.
Do not copy or paste a text published on another forum or website: it is preferable to indicate a hyperlink to the original text. If you are only quoting an excerpt, specify the source clearly and explicitly. (web link or name of the publication and number).
It is prohibited to divulge a « special » rate obtained through a dealer or through a grouped order. It could place him in an awkward position (the importers/wholesalers exercise huge pressure) and he may not be able to give the same « special » price to his next customers. Only public prices ( => publicly posted - web or press - ) can be quoted on the forum (an estimate in an email cannot be divulged). – No disclosure of negotiated prices on the forums (only public prices) - Respect of private correspondence (No email or private message can be made public on the forum without the approval of the sender or recipient) – Solicitation is not permitted.

You can reach us

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